Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year New What?

So I know Im kinda late on the whole new year thing, but to be honest I stopped keeping track of what day it was when the break started. All I really cared about was getting in as much sleep as possible, and making sure I was completely caught up on "The Vampire Diaries." I don't really do the whole 'New Years Resolution' thing because for one if I want to change something in my life so much why does it have to start on the first day of January? Like why not the first day of March? Or November? Like Im not the type to be biased to other months. Or maybe I don't do the whole 'New Years Resolution' thing maybe because if I really wanted to change something in my life I would have already changed it.

For example a big goal of mine was to organize my locker. I was cursed with having a bottom locker this year for the first time in my life and it sucks like a black hole. Like who wants a bottom locker, especially when you're 5'8, and have back problems equivalent to a 89 year old man. But thats just my luck! Anyways I have an insane amount of stuff that I just stuff into my locker and I always tell myself that I am going to clean it, but I never actually do it. Why? Maybe its because in a way I like it better like that. Maybe I just function better with a messy locker. I really don't know, but all I do know is that if I really wanted my locker to be clean, it would have been clean already.

I don't know if you see where I am going with this haha. To be honest Im not too sure myself. But here's my message to you guys. Do not stress yourselves on your news years resolutions. If there is something that you would really like to change then change it! At your own pace, at your own time. Be your own self-motivator, your own guide! OMG I actually sound like a legit motivational speaker, guess I know what my job will be hollaaaa! But seriously guys don't stress, just because its a new year doesn't mean you have to become a whole different person, give yourself sometime. Go eat a pie and be happy!

Later Days

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